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$6,000 Donated to Guiding Reins for Equine – Assisted Therapy for Veterans and their Families

The Citizens Building and Loan (CBL) Charitable Foundation has given $6,000 to Guiding Reins in Campobello, SC. Guiding Reins will use this grant for equine-assisted therapy sessions for veterans, military personnel and first responders and their families that have been affected by mental, physical, emotional trauma and/or challenges. They offer these sessions free of charge.

“We are overwhelmed by the generosity of CBL. We can’t explain it, but we are often told that the progress seen in one 90min session can be more than months in other counseling programs,” states Director Diane Prewitt.

Equine-assisted Therapy (EAT) is proven to help those with addiction, depression, head/brain trauma, PTSD, speech impairment, injury, stroke patients and more. Unlike talk or exposure therapies, which require a veteran to sit and recall traumatic past events, EAT allows the participant to actively move through a series of events that keep the left brain active and body engages thereby reducing flashbacks or triggering trauma. The horses are sensitive, partner animals and mirror emotions and energy from the handler. This allows the handler to set goals and adjust their own mood and behavior to meet goals.

“It only took one visit with the Guiding Reins team to see their heart, the amazing work that they are doing and the true need for this program within our community. CBL is proud to stand beside them to reach our veterans and provide a resource for their families,” said CBL CEO & President Jennifer T. Jones.guiding reins

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