CBL Foundation Donates $10,000 to Greer Christian Learning Center

The Citizens Building and Loan (CBL) Charitable Foundation has given $10,000 to the Greer Christian Learning Center. This grant will be used by the Christian Learning Center to assist with the cost of bus insurance.

The Greer Christian Learning Center (GCLC), in cooperation with schools and in partnership with individuals and churches, provides students in public schools an opportunity to receive Christian education through classes and to learn how to apply Biblical principles in their lives, families, and communities. Busses are used to transport students to and from the middle school and high school, and it is important to have the proper transportation for a safe and effective program.

GCLC serves both Greer Middle/High and Blue Ridge Middle/High students. Through the efforts of this program, over 1100 students have an opportunity to voluntarily participate in Christian learning and high school students are able to take a Bible class and receive credit. Not only is the program designed for the class setting, but also a “HELP minister” is able to build relationships and offer mentorship.

“We truly appreciate the support that CBL provides to the Greer Christian Learning Center,” says director Cathy Neely.

“Part of the Charitable Foundation’s mission is to promote education,” said CBL CEO & President Jennifer T. Jones. “We know that the Christian Learning Center needs the transportation to continue their long-standing efforts, and we hope that this grant will help make this possible.”

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